Camel colours



Camel is the new black. It’s chique, different and very lovely! Match it with black basics and golden details. This look is sophisticated and very feminine. Chique at work and lovely as party outfit!


The trends for spring/summer 2011 looks like the trends fall/winter with a summer breeze. Think 1970s bell bottoms, laces and tassels with a modern twist. Natural and clean colours like white, black, red and brown. The sailor look is also back with stripes and skirts.

Keira for Ford


Keira Knightley will be the new face for the fashion brand Tom Ford for six years. The actress will show the clothes from Ford for the first time at the cover of the Britisch Elle. “I absolutely love Keira. She is spectacular, very professional and I love her spirit. She’s beautiful in an English way; she has a little 1940s feel to her face – yet at the same time she always looks so young and modern.” says Ford to the website Catwalkqueen.

Lovely leather


The new trend for this winter is all leather. Dresses, jackets, pants and even trench coats. Easy falling leather can have folds up wich make the dresses and skirts look beautiful and most of all very chique. Think warm colours like red and brown. Combine it with (fake) fur to make it work!

Chique fashion



Chique fashion is back. Black and grey clothes and golden details. Think basic with stunning details like big collars, killer heels and stripes. Lac shoes will make the outfit complete!

Fendi, Celine, Prada. They all showed the long skirt in a new way. On the catwalk the golden oldie came back as never before: with details like leather pieces, twisted fabrics and combined with corsets. Think soft colours and easy falling fabrics.

Dries van Noten

Modern Chique



Think the chique look from the 20th century with a modern twist. Basic and warm colours, fitted high waisted skirts and wide falling blouses. Make it work with different fabrics, killer heels and prints! It’s a lovely outfit: perfect for work and to party!

Costs and were to finds:

Skirt: 34

Heels: 51 EURO –

Top: 150 EURO –