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Barcelona Baby


Inspiration: Think shopping at La Ramblas! Relaxt and loose tops, but keep that diva-look because of the red accessories. A big shopping bag and big heels. Think the colours black, white and grey. Barcelona baby! Advertenties

The site is actually developed for teen-agers, but you need to take a look! It’s nice, adorable, young, fresh and most of all very cheap! So check! We love it, do you?

A skinny-thing


During the Madrid Fashion Week, three models have been dismissed because of their underweight. So girls, be smart. That skinny-thing is not always nice! For more information check  



Inspiration: Alicia Keys said it: I am Superwoman. So think superwoman! Black and silver colours, transparant materials and a lot of ruffles! We love big, bigger, biggest shoes and bags, and modern accessories! With love

Make-up Maniac


The most loveliest make-up? What do woman wear every day? What’s the most important item in your purse? Just list it! Lipstick (Lovely red) Mascara Compact powder Lipgloss Eye liner Eye shadow Blush Foundation Concealer Lip Liner

Day Dreamer


Inspiration: Think your most wonderful dream. White, sweet dresses, hats and gold or brown details. Pearls and white flipflops will make you a real day dreamer! Just Lovely!

Burberry came up with a new show yesterday. Special about it was that it was live-streamed in 3D. A audience could enjoy the show in Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Dubai ánd Tokio. The collection is based on the colours brown, dark green and lipstick red. Materials like fur were often used. For more lovely Burberry check!