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Black and White


Inspiration: The black/white trend is on. But dare to wear! Striped tops, blazers or trenchcoats and big heals with striped details. A big black bag and a lot of bows. High waisted shorts and puffed details. Colours: black and white. Advertenties

Summer trend


The trend for this summer for your lovely feet is, again, the Spartan footwear and sandals. New about the shoes are the beads on it. Think colourful little beads on the straps around your ankle. It’s adorable and sweet!

Loosen up


Inspiration: Loosen up! Loose tops and comfy flip flops. Big bags and big sunglasses. Think a sunny day on witch you want to wear the most comfy but fashionable clothes. Basic piece: bubble dress and bubble tops. Colours: Silver, grey and white.

Spring Shopping


Need a perfect spring outfit? And a perfect advise? Mada van Gaans, a dutch designer is giving an evening where you can buy her collection (cash only) ánd get advise from van Gaals herself! Her collection is colourful, full with springdresses and luxurious silk tops. It’s in the World Fashion Centre at Amsterdam, tower 1,13th floor on next Thursday from 18.00 […]

Print it


Inspiration: Think prints. Letters, numbers, flowers, animal prints and more! Shoes with strings around the ankle and big shopping bags. Colours: Brown, gold, green and black. Costs and where to finds: Bag: 15 EURO – Shoes: 37 EURO – Dress: 19 EURO – Left top: 24 EURO – Right Top: 20 EURO […]

MM at Bijenkorf


Tip! The “maffe marathon” is coming at the Bijenkorf, so you can buy the best brands for less! Adorable jeans, tops, dresses and shoes from lovely brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Replay and Dept for crazy prices. Take a look at!

The Khaki trend


Inspiration: The khaki trend is back. Soft and chique fabrics like silk and khaki colours is the new spring look. It’s fresh, natural, and above all very feminine. The khaki look is also used in winter in combination with knitwear, but with folds and adorable fabrics it’s very warm and sunny. Colours: brown, natural and […]