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Lovely: the new look from Giorgio Armani. The fabulous designer used the nights in the Sahara as inspiration for his new spring collection. Think deep blue, warm and intense colours and ofcourse, stars. The pieces were most of all blue, from navy to almost black. Check it out: Advertenties

Miss Chique


Inspiration: This look is based on the new trends for next winter. London, Paris, New York, think living the high life in the big city’s. Square bags with texts like Yves Saint Laurent and chique jackets. Think details like fur, lac and golden accessoiries. Live the chique life!

Did you ever noticed that a lot of top designers are called Christian? Think about the lovely brand (Christian) Dior, the fabulous (Christian) Lacroix, the winner of project runway (Christian) Siriano and ofcourse the adorable heels from (Christian) Louboutin. And they all have in common that they were born in La belle France (except Siriano), […]

Rock chick


Inspiration: Think rock chick! Studs, leather and fur are back. Colours like black and brown with all kinds of fabrics. Use spicy details to make you look like a real rocker! 

Fall 2010 is the golden season. Designers like Diane von Furstenberg used a lot of gold in their designs. Think fashion in the 18th century with big dresses and fringes with a modern touch. A lot of designs, a mix of fabrics and a lot of gold!

Maison Scotch is the feminine part of the dutch brand Scotch and Soda. It’s feminine, vintage looking fashion with one fashionable inspiration source: Paris! Lovely shirts with texts like ‘I love coco’, ‘La parisienne’ and ‘oui oui Paris’ with, as adorable accessoiries, a necklace with the Eiffel Tower. Pants in nude, cream colours and striped vests in […]

Come back LIV


After a perfect fashionista holiday, LIV is back! From now on you can enjoy the lists, lookbooks, tips and trendwatchers on Lovely in Vogue. Enjoy!