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Modern Chique


Inspiration: Think the chique look from the 20th century with a modern twist. Basic and warm colours, fitted high waisted skirts and wide falling blouses. Make it work with different fabrics, killer heels and prints! It’s a lovely outfit: perfect for work and to party! Costs and were to finds: Skirt: 34 EURO – […]

Inspiration: Want to be in the papers? With this look you will be the papers! It’s a vintage looking outfit with basics like ruffled skirts or straight bottoms. The finishing touch are the tight newspaper printed tops. Think black, white and cognac heels. Costs and where to find: Black ruffles skirt: 13 EURO – Newspaper top: […]

Inspiration: The beach trend for the summer is fresh and sexy. Floral printed and coloured bandeau bikini’s and strapless tops. Accessoiries like sandals and jewelry in brown. Costs and where to finds: Vintage printed bikini: 48 EURO – Bandeau bikini top: 19 EURO – The Jackie bag: 29 EURO – Guess bracelet: 39 […]

Blue Lagoon


Inspiration: Think blue lagoon. Think beach. Fresh dressen, big belts and big bracelets. And keep it simple. Colours: sand and sea blue. Costs and where to finds: Blue dress: 40 EURO – Blue bracelet: 11 EURO – Sand coloured belt: 14 EURO –

Spring Colours


Inspiration: With the days getting warmer, the fashion is getting shorter! Shorts are thé fashionitems for the spring. Stripes and buttons as accessoiries. Colours: Blue, red and cream. Prices and where to finds: Red top: 29 EURO – Blue/white dress: 13 EURO – Cream shorts: 32 EURO – Shoes: 34 EURO –

Based on Basics


Inspiration: Based on basics. Basic, cream and taupe colours with fresh and bubbling details. Colours: Cream, taupe and yellow. Costs and where to find: Cream Dress: 32 EURO – Bag: 24 EURO – Sandals: 13 EURO – Yellow top: 33 EURO – Yellow sunglasses: 7,46 EURO –

Inspiration: Think the easy way of fashion! Jeans short, a white blouse and black pumps. That’s all! Fashion isn’t complicated if you go the easy way! Ruffles and rosettes will make it fashionable. Colours: Black, white and jeans. Costs and where to finds: Black pumps: 18 EURO – White blouse: 36 EURO – […]