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Did you ever noticed that a lot of top designers are called Christian? Think about the lovely brand (Christian) Dior, the fabulous (Christian) Lacroix, the winner of project runway (Christian) Siriano and ofcourse the adorable heels from (Christian) Louboutin. And they all have in common that they were born in La belle France (except Siriano), […]

Part 2 of the fabulous list of the 50 top designers! 1.Germaine Emilie Krebs: Later known as Madame Grés. Her dresses make you look like a greek goddes. She was the queen of draping and the feminine fabrics, with a classical and sophisticated feel. 2. Hermes: Began in 1837 in Paris. The fashion house introduced the first […]

Who designed that fabulous shoes? Or who is behind that adorable LBD? From now on you will be updated about the designers from all over the world! Starting: Coco Chanel: Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel is, ofcourse, the founder of thé most loveable fashionbrand Chanel. She made it to the list “time 100: The most important people of […]