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Camel colours


Inspiration: Camel is the new black. It’s chique, different and very lovely! Match it with black basics and golden details. This look is sophisticated and very feminine. Chique at work and lovely as party outfit! Advertenties

Chique fashion


Inspiration: Chique fashion is back. Black and grey clothes and golden details. Think basic with stunning details like big collars, killer heels and stripes. Lac shoes will make the outfit complete!

Miss Chique


Inspiration: This look is based on the new trends for next winter. London, Paris, New York, think living the high life in the big city’s. Square bags with texts like Yves Saint Laurent and chique jackets. Think details like fur, lac and golden accessoiries. Live the chique life!

Rock chick


Inspiration: Think rock chick! Studs, leather and fur are back. Colours like black and brown with all kinds of fabrics. Use spicy details to make you look like a real rocker! 



Inspiration: Think flowers! Based on the festival look (see underneath) with flower printed tops. Soft colours and a lot of fabrics. Feathers and studs as details.

City life


Inspiration: The perfect urban outfit. Harem pants are hot. Think long, short, denim or linen. Sandalls with beads or studs underneath and on top a basic or striped shirt. Less is more in this look. Think the easiest outfit to wear in the city!

Inspiration: Fashion is a way of life. This look is the typical autumn trend: brown, natural and basic. High heels with straps around the enkle, and long jackets with a military look. Think buttons and wide shoulders.