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Fendi, Celine, Prada. They all showed the long skirt in a new way. On the catwalk the golden oldie came back as never before: with details like leather pieces, twisted fabrics and combined with corsets. Think soft colours and easy falling fabrics. Dries van Noten Advertenties

Did you ever noticed that a lot of top designers are called Christian? Think about the lovely brand (Christian) Dior, the fabulous (Christian) Lacroix, the winner of project runway (Christian) Siriano and ofcourse the adorable heels from (Christian) Louboutin. And they all have in common that they were born in La belle France (except Siriano), […]

Viva Versace


For the first time on internet: Versace! From now on you can buy the fabulous brand on The new collection is new, sexy and fresh. Just take a look, it’s so sweet!

Part 2 of the fabulous list of the 50 top designers! 1.Germaine Emilie Krebs: Later known as Madame Grés. Her dresses make you look like a greek goddes. She was the queen of draping and the feminine fabrics, with a classical and sophisticated feel. 2. Hermes: Began in 1837 in Paris. The fashion house introduced the first […]

The totally trendy designer items from the Fashion for Relief charity show (from miss Naomi Cambell herself) are online for sale! So if you want to help the Haiti-earthquake-victims ánd want to have that amazing outfit, go to



The fabulous designers Dolce and Gabbana and the queen of pop, miss Madonna herself, have designed a collection sunglasses. First D&G did not want to work with Madonna because it would effect their friendship. But the brand new collection named MDG , with very big and black sunglasses is launched!