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Chique fashion


Inspiration: Chique fashion is back. Black and grey clothes and golden details. Think basic with stunning details like big collars, killer heelsĀ and stripes. Lac shoes will make the outfit complete! Advertenties

Fall 2010 is the golden season. Designers like Diane von Furstenberg used a lot of gold in their designs. Think fashion in the 18th century with big dresses and fringes with a modern touch. A lot of designs, a mix of fabrics and a lot of gold!

Print it


Inspiration: Think prints. Letters, numbers, flowers, animal prints and more! Shoes with strings around the ankle and big shopping bags. Colours: Brown, gold, greenĀ and black. Costs and where to finds: Bag: 15 EURO – Shoes: 37 EURO – Dress: 19 EURO – Left top: 24 EURO – Right Top: 20 EURO […]